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About me

Provide Internet Solutions with experience of working on both large and small web projects.
Everything responsive and mobile-friendly.

Currently serving as Web Consultant with Solution Point - a small tech-savvy agency, taking-on web challenges from/of all sizes. Solutions and Services Delivered are: 1. Web Development and Security Audits, 2. Web Design, 3. Server Setup / Maintenance, 4. Web Hosting / VPS Server Consulting, 5. Mobile Applications - iPhone/Android, 6. Web Marketing Solutions, 7. CMS / Portal Development, 8. E-Commerce Sites, 9. Corporate Blogging / Social Media PR, 10. Content Writing and Online Press Services, 11. Managing PPC / Online Ad Campaigns, 12. Free services to non-profits, activists and social web, 13. Services related to online media

  • Web Planning
  • Server Admin
  • Blogging / Media
  • Consulting


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Samir Kumar
Business Development
Celebrating 11+ Years of #Web Service Trust. Book #domain #hosting #website @indiahosting #socialmedia #webdesign #mobileapps #sitebuilders #vps #mailserver
Bunty Simon
Sr. Web Designer
Lead, plan and design web sites for demanding customers
Aliva Pani
Web Designer
Plan and design web pages for all modern devices
Sagar CB
Digital Marketing
Staff administration and Digital Media Practice

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